Bloomington/Normal Community Campus Committee is determined to counter binge drinking through campus and community partnerships.

Convincing students not to binge drink isn’t easy, particularly when they're surrounded by social influences encouraging them to do just that; Cheap drink specials, easy access to alcohol, and glamorous, fun, sex-filled advertising imagery, and you have a very appealing message. Fortunately, we're learning that we can counter these influences through campus-community partnerships.

Latest Newsletter
May 2

More Parents Talking to Teens About Alcohol

Data collected from the 2008 Illinois Youth Survey indicated 53% of local high school seniors reported drinking alcohol in the last month, while 34% reported consuming five or more alcoholic beverages in one sitting within the last two weeks. Due to the fact alcohol consumption during development has proven to… [Read the Rest]

Nov 26

Natural Disasters Teach Us Prevention Works

In light of the recent natural disasters, I know we have all thought a little more about safety. As the mom of two teens, I thought of them first when the tornadoes hit Central Illinois on November 17th. Are they where they need to be? Do we have the supplies… [Read the Rest]

Sep 23

Because I love you… We talk about alcohol

BN Parents has a new messaging series coming out that asks the question, “How do you keep your teen safe?” and carries the tagline, “Because I love you…” The goal of the new messaging is to encourage parents to put protective behaviors in place to reduce risks for their teens…. [Read the Rest]

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