Living Well Together

Living Well Together: A Guide for Students In Our Community

Bloomington and Normal Community Standards for Social HostThe BNCCC is committed to the development of students as individuals and as members of the greater Bloomington-Normal community. To promote these ideas, the BNCCC created the Bloomington and Normal Community Standards for Social Hosts guide. It was created as a resource for students to codify the standards of Bloomington and Normal residents. It was shaped with input from community members across Bloomington-Normal who either participated in one of our Community Forums or partner with the BNCCC.

In it you will find information on how to help encourage positive and safe social interaction with the overarching goal of creating an environment where we live well together. As both an academic and social community, Bloomington-Normal strives to promote intellectual growth, stimulate learning environments, promote mutual tolerance and respect, and encourage freedom of thought and expression. To achieve these goals and their associated benefits, all community members are held to a standard of conduct designated to uphold and promote our community. As such, it is imperative that all residents respect the rights of one another as well as abide by local ordinances.

These ideas are reinforced in the Community Standards for Social Hosts Guide.

The guide begins with a welcome from both the Bloomington  City Council and Normal Town Council emphasizing the value placed on being a community that is friendly and genuinely concerned with the well-being of others. This leads into a section focusing on being a responsible neighbor and suggests ways to develop better relations with your neighbor. Tips are provided for hosting a responsible party and the five things that will bring the police to your party are shared. To emphasize the fact there are consequences for your actions, the ordinances pertaining to alcohol consumption for Bloomington and Normal are cited. A listing of community and campus resources is provided with an introduction to the Bloomington Normal Community Campus Committee. To close it out, education is provided on how and when to help a friend or neighbor that has been or is drinking too much and our suggestion for a safe

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