The Future of STEPS

We are pleased to announce the STEPS (Safety Training to Encourage Profitable Service) course will now be offered by Heartland Community College (HCC). This is excellent news for alcohol retailers, managers, servers, and restaurant or bar owners as it will ensure there is always a class available to meet your needs. To help kick off programming, HCC is partnering with the Illinois Liquor Control Commission to host a FREE STEPS training on August 8th.

The free STEPS program will take place from 6 to 10 p.m. Wednesday, August 8 in theAstrothCommunityEducationCenter, on Heartland’sNormalcampus at1500 W. Raab Rd. For those unfamiliar with STEPS, the program will provide information about seller/server alcohol intervention and prevention techniques, age-verification techniques and fake identification detection procedures, as well as information about liquor laws and liquor inspections. Participants who pass the training will receive a personalized BASSET card from the ILCC —a requirement for liquor-license establishments in manyIllinoiscommunities.

There are a limited number of seats left for this training. To register, visit Registration will be open until all slots are full. Because of limited space, up to two employees per licensed establishment can attend. For more information or to register by phone, call Ted Penesis, ILCC education manager, at (312) 814-4802, or Austin Grammer, Customized Training coordinator atHeartlandCommunity College, at (309) 268-8439.

If you are unable to attend on August 8th, HCC’s Community Education department will offer an open-enrollment STEPS training from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, October 6, for $39 per person.  For more information call Beth Peterson, HCC Community Education program coordinator, at (309) 268-8202 or visit Or, if you are interested in scheduling a customized, on-site BASSET STEPS programs for your employees call Austin Grammer at (309) 268-8439 or visit


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