Our twin cities of Bloomington and Normal are a wonderful place to live, work and visit.

Bloomington and Normal Community Standards for Social HostWith the support of strong financial, agricultural, insurance, medical and manufacturing industries, along with four institutions of higher education and a regional government center, we enjoy excellent quality of life and a strong economy. We are often told that our community truly exemplifies the values of the Midwest: friendly, welcoming, and genuinely concerned for the well-being of others. It was out of those values that the Bloomington-Normal Community Campus Committee (BNCCC) was formed to address issues related to the misuse of alcohol among our younger populations.

The BNCCC draws upon the support of the universities, local government and law enforcement, public school districts, health services providers, social service agencies and the business community to research and formulate responses to binge drinking by underage youth, college students and young adults. Misuse of alcohol occasionally leads to negative consequences and conflicting lifestyles among residents.

The BNCCC’s overarching goal is to foster an environment where we live well together.

That’s why we’ve developed this Community Standards Guide. We have included vital information here to help encourage positive, safe social interaction. Normal and Bloomington work closely together to ensure our ordinances and regulations reflect the standards for good citizenship that are found here. We hope this guide will help you understand your role in developing positive relationships with those around you and assist in making your time in our community enjoyable.

Download the Bloomington and Normal Community Standards for Social Host today.