Hospitality Establishments

Responsible hospitality establishments work to:Responsible hospitality establishments work to:

  • prevent illegal alcohol service to minors
  • reduce the likelihood of drinkers becoming intoxicated
  • prevent those who are impaired from harming themselves or others

Below are responsible hospitality strategies, which include policies and practices that have proven to be effective for reducing the harms of alcohol abuse for students and all patrons. These strategies are intended to prevent alcohol sales to minors and intoxicated guests, thus reducing the risk of alcohol-related harm and resultant civil and criminal liabilities.

  • Promote drinks without alcohol.
  • Provide food and nondrinking activities.
  • Check for proof-of-age identification.
  • Preclude adults from purchasing alcohol for underage youth.
  • Serve alcohol in smaller standard sizes, limiting the number of servings.
  • Restrict sales of pitchers.
  • Eliminate last-call announcements.
  • Monitor and slow down or cut off guests who might otherwise become intoxicated.
  • Provide adequate security and supervision.